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Mati LukasThe idea to start the foundation came to me in 1990. I founded the Estonian School of Diplomacy and began to look for means to enable young and talented Estonians to undertake their studies. Often enough the main obstacle was the lack of money. Sometimes I received help from well-known German foundations – Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung and others. I began to dream of my own foundation which would help talented people to realise their ideas – to change the world, to become a diplomat, an outstanding scientist or a great teacher or a professor. Unfortunately back then I had no money and no time. But the dream lived on and, in 2008, became a reality: I started my own foundation. In 2010, I decided to spend more resources and time on the foundation.


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The Foundation finances innovative scientific and applied research.

In order to apply for a research grant, one needs to submit an application, a detailed description of research or project, budget and recommendation letters from at least two outstanding internationally recognised researchers-specialists.

New applications will be reviewed twice a year – in April and October.

The resources of the Foundation

The Foundation collects donations

The Foundation organises benefit nights, conferences, seminars

The Foundation undertakes economic activity foreseen in the Statutes


The Foundation accepts monetary donations both from private persons and legal bodies.

Contributions can be made:

The Foundation issues every donator a written confirmation and a Thank You Certificate. Twice yearly special evenings to acknowledge donators will be held.