In 2010, the Mati Lukas Foundation scholarship ”Creative Estonia” was given to:

Sille Lukk

Many happy returns, Sille!

Sille Lukk about herself

Sille LukkI am an active and focused school leaver, ready to undertake the new challenges which await me after graduation. My biggest challenge at the moment is selecting the right university and specialism which will greatly influence my future plans and goals. Active young people have various opportunities to shape their educational paths, but at one point you have to make a choice and I have done it. From autumn 2010 I will continue my studies in the Business Academy Aarhus, in Denmark.

In the eleventh grade, I studied in a very student-friendly private school in the United States. The difference to Estonian schools is that over there every student is a value for the school, someone whose development needs specific attention, someone who should experience success and be prepared for future success. I consider it most important that I learned how to study and understood what voluntary work means! After the Rotary exchange year, I was elected to lead one of the largest student organisations in Estonia.  My task was to keep all team members on board and focused on the course we had selected for the Union. If someone got sidetracked, I had to show the light or move along with them. The destination was to reach the concerns of students in order to take those to the responsible people who could actually influence something. My task was also to ensure that what students thought reached the powers that be and that the changes they desired, would come about. During this year the word ’leadership’ became very important to me. When working with the team I realised that one needs to take control of one’s life and to enjoy each activity and bring others along. Through successes and failures I found out that, regardless of a successful year at the Union of Estonian Student Representations, I still have a lot to learn about how an organisation functions. This yearning for knowledge led me to seek an environment and a specialism which would develop me in this regard. Therefore my goal is to continue my studies in Denmark in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, and to return to Estonia upon completion of my studies in order to establish my own company which will, in all likelihood, focus on educational issues.